Case Study

My Friend’s Growler Shop

A female owned bottle shop with fresh beer on tap is a rare and special thing. Here’s how I rebranded it and their revved marketing engine



Here’s What Elizabeth Created

Brand Design

Elizabeth Hague

Creative Director
Visual Brand Design
Packaging and Signage

Brand Strategy

Elizabeth Hague

Brand Research
Voice and Tone
Brand Guidelines

Marketing Strategy

Elizabeth Hague

Partner Marketing Campaign
Newsletter Program

Digital Development

Jared Hague

Website Development
Newsletter Development

Our partner marketing campaign with Javacats netted a wider audience reach and stronger brand awareness.

As the neighborhood grew, we leveraged cross-promotional campaigns with local businesses, (looking at you, Javacats!). We implemented a VIP reward program for repeat customers that skyrocketed newsletter signups and YOY sales.

Gallery Showcase

Dark Illuminations

Want to see more? How about some fancy art? Here’s a sideways glance at bite-size luxe buying experiences wrapped up in a fine art gallery setting. An illustrative adventure through fortune telling, this fate-based game will creep you out. If you ever wanted to set fire to something now’s your chance.

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